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An Unforgettable Day at Bowens Island

low country restaurant on the marsh

On the marsh just two miles short of Folly Beach, Bowens Island Restaurant has served fresh seafood without frills since 1946. So much more than a restaurant, to generations of Charlestonians it’s the history and character of the community. With a frosty mug, a plate full of oysters and a creek side sunset view, there’s no experience like it.

The ideal Lowcountry setting for our Holiday 2019 photo shoot.

Model in Oobe Brand Peak Lapel Jacket in Charleston lowcountry
Bowens Island Restaurant Enter Here sign
Boats on the marsh outside Bowens Island Restaurant

Recognized by the James Beard House as an American Classic, the ramshackle restaurant sits on a 13-acre island, and both remain owned by the Barber family. Authentic and spirited, it’s the perfect location to complement our new season of sportswear. The opposite of fancy, just like the restaurant, our Peak Lapel Corduroy Blazer is driven by straightforward structure and utility.

Oyster Room Bowens IslandBoats off the marsh in Bowens Island SC
Harper Blazer Cooper Jean inside Oyster Room

Head to the Oyster Room and slurp down local oysters washed with water from the creek (makes them tastier), roasted under burlap on a big smoky pit and brought to the table by the shovel full. Uncomplicated and familiar, the Harper Blazer pairs up with the Cooper Jean for a look that just feels right, from the creek to cobblestone streets.

sitting on deck outside the Oyster Room
buttoning the Woodside Waxed Jacket
south carolina marsh land

Find your place on the waterside deck and let your thoughts drift without a care. The Woodside Waxed Jacket is crafted for years of storied adventures, whether there’s frost in the air or a nor’easter on the horizon. Indeed, Bowens Island is an off-the-beaten-path destination to be experienced to be understood. It will make perfect sense.

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