Every closet has its favorites…
proven essentials that emerge from a mixture of necessity and opportunity.


For nearly three decades, OOBE has dedicated itself to the art of designing and providing foundational clothing for both work and adventure. With our distinguished label, OOBE BRAND, we proudly embrace our rich heritage rooted in South Carolina, breathing new life into the realm of traditional menswear. With a meticulous approach, we infuse timeless classics with a refined simplicity, crafting a captivating collection that encompasses sport shirts, polos and tees, pants, shorts, blazers, and quintessentially American staples. Each garment is meticulously crafted, seamlessly blending impeccable artistry with effortless elegance and comfort. Our vision embodies a timeless aesthetic that strikes the perfect balance between tradition and evolution - a true reflection of a life fully lived.


The origins of OOBE BRAND extend back to1994 and beyond, where Tom Merritt and Mike Pereyo forged a lasting bond during their time at Clemson University. It was during that year when they solidified their vision of establishing an outdoor lifestyle apparel company. Similar to other venerable heritage brands and outfitters that emerged in that era, OOBE aspired to prioritize people over profits, while cultivating a corporate culture and manufacturing network that mirrored their deeply-held beliefs. For nearly three decades, we have relentlessly pursued design excellence and the objective of offering our valued customers elevated essentials that enrich their lives.

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